The Brothers Bogusky

The Brothers
Honoring my brother Al, on the anniversary of his passing.
  • Alex Bogusky responded:
    I remember this painting pretty vividly from my childhood. It hung on a wall near the bullpin and it had me convinced my dad and uncle could combine into some kind of mythical super being. I was in awe of this image. I miss Al too.


  • Mike Keighley responded:

    I suspect that most people who knew Alby didn’t know that in addition to being an amazing photographer and the only person I ever knew who could actually program in DOS, he was an incredible craftsman who could design and build anything. Whenever I find myself fixing, repairing, or trying to build something, I always ask myself how Alby would have done it. And the answer is always the same – he would take no short cuts, use the best materials, and take the extra time to do it the right way. And the finished result would be perfect and probably last a hundred years.
    I also know that Alby never liked to ski but since his family loved it, he made damn sure they always went on every trip. I once asked him why he skied if he hated it so much and his answer summed up the kind of man he was. “Well, Sue and the boys like it, so what the hell.” What a Mench!



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