Remember Radio?

March 20, 2010

Miami, Florida, 1970s — It used to be that the call letters of a radio station were sufficient identity. But, graphically, there was nothing to tell you what style of broadcasting the station offered. An appropriate logo was a sensible step toward solving some of that ambiguity. And for some broadcasters, the only step. That’s asking a lot from a logo.

15 WINZ logo

Thought I’d show you three of The Brothers Bogusky’s more successful designs. The first two almost designed themselves. WINZ (1972) was an AM news station (special thanks to the logo gods for the “Z”).

15 WMYQ logo

While WMYQ (1973) was an “easy listening” FM broadcaster. The kind of music you hear in the background at the dentist. In this case the fortunate blending of the letterforms made for an easy design,

15 Zeta 4

On the other hand, ZETA 4 was a bitch. It was a new hard-rock FM station and they were hard-ass letters to work with. I was never really happy with my efforts. I kept stalling for time until I ran out of time. I presented it. My plan was for it to get the inevitable hatchet and come back with a new design. Unfortunately, the client did a cartwheel.

Check with Dave Swartz and Daryl Tait, of CP+B. And Alex. All were in North Miami High at the time. The kids loved it. South Florida loved it. License plates and decals sprouted up everywhere. The station was a hit. Go figure.

























4 thoughts on “Remember Radio?

  1. I’ve got to comment on this one cause I never knew you designed zeta 4 logo !!! It was iconic rock radio look and I had it plastered on the bumper of one of my old cars!! That’s so cool Bill. I sure do miss the old radio days. I’ve got a show myself every Friday called The Dave and Cindy show!

  2. WMYQ was far from a “dentist office” easy listening station. It was a tight, loud, Top 40 station, the first Top 40 FM station in the country. It was on the air from 1971 through October 1975, at which time it became known as 96X with the calls WMJX.

    1. Don.

      Your memory is far better than mine. You are absolutely right. Top 40 (and 40 years ago), with a dove of peace to reflect the times. It’s nice to see how the logo holds up after all these years. Thanks for the correction.

      I have since moved to Boulder, Colorado. And I still do the occasional logo on the internet.

      Bill Bogusky / The Brothers Bogusky.

      1. To elaborate, the station previously on 96.3 was WJHR owned by Storer. They sold it to Bartell but kept WGBS. WMYQ was an instant hit of course. Full power FM flat land with nothing to stop the stereo signal. By 1975 WFUN was history. Always loved the WMYQ logo the peace message, so simple yet says so much. Just right for the times. We could use it now.

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