Phantom Turkeys at The Ranch

Alex heard that some turkeys had been seen over by Phantom Lake and asked if I wanted to check it out. It was getting on toward dusk but I grabbed the Nikon anyway. We drove to the lake… no turkeys. Then over to the National Forest fence. Not a gobble. We were headed back when Alex pointed toward the meadow.

I had never seen a wild elk before. I slowly eased myself from the ATV and brought the camera to my eye. I focused the telephoto as best as I could. It was getting dark. The elk was alone so I expect it was a buck. He carried no rack. I was about to press the shutter when he bolted. I followed and popped off three quick shots. And this is the best of the three.

7 Elk 1

I did better the next year…

7 Elk 2

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