Night of The Eagles

Cindy O’Dare and Don Henley are the best of friends. In fact, at one time, they were considered an item. And when Cindy and daughter Katie arrived from Florida, they carried 4 VIP tickets to the Eagles concert at the Pepsi Arena.

How many of us have been to a rock concert? Show of hands. Well, there’s only one way to attend a rock concert. First, you have to know someone who knows the leader of the band. Then you get privileged parking behind the backstage entrance. You are then led into the dining room and partake of a buffet while chatting with the crew, guests and notables. Moments after dinner, you are invited to the star’s dressing room. A little small talk, a few photos and you’re off to the arena.

9215260-Eagles 3x

You enter from a side door. The scope, the size are unreal. And the throbbing expectations of thousands and thousands and thousands of middle-aged groupies numbs the mind. You are escorted to a raised section in the middle of the arena. Oh…  yeah!

9215258-Eagles 5x

The lights dim. Pandemonium. And the most spectacular lighting display on earth creates an ecstasy of theatre and music the likes of which I have never seen.

9215259-Eagles 6x

The Eagles are on! Rock, country, country rock, acid, all careen through my being. Dancing dowagers block the aisles. My palm involuntarily slaps my thigh as the drum’s beat replaces my heart’s. Song after song, each one greeted with renewed frenzy. The energies of band and crowd merged into a wondrous eruption of rhythm and joy.

How many of us have been to a rock concert? We have.

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  1. Bill I wish I knew how to share this on my Facebook page, cause you really know how to bring the reader along for the ride like nobody else!!!

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