Musings a Las Vegas

Las Vegas has thousands of chairs. And they are all in front of slot machines and black jack tables. There is not a single chair to be seen in any of the lobbies in any of the hotels we visited. The lobbies are bare! No seats. No benches. No chairs. You want to rest. Use the rest room.

Las Vegas has two hemlines. Ankle length. And one sixteenth below the crotch. The mini is back and it’s maxxed out.

Las Vegas has no blank exterior walls. The are ALL decorated, lit-up, animated or strobed. The proliferation of promotion is profound.

Las Vegas has three car types. The occasional sedan of a resident who made a wrong turn. The stretch limo. Proving that one can stretch anything on four wheels. We saw a stretch skate board. And the omni-present, multi-colored and ad-festooned taxi cabs. None will stop if you hail them. When empty, the queue up instantly at the nearest hotel. Where you must queue up to engage one. It’s interesting how a trip of a few blocks entails using the Intertstate.

Las Vegas has millions of photo-ops. We went into the mountains and shot it from a distance.

5 Las Vegas

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