Dapper Dude

East Flatbush, Brooklyn in the 50s. Willy is wearing an electric blue, one button suit with extra wide lapels. Spread shirt collar and a perfect windsor knot on his tie. His pants cuffs are pegged and he is sporting blue alligator/suede shoes. His pompadour speaks for itself. Dapper.

He’s already reading Arthur C. Clark and Murray Heinlein. In about a year he’ll discover Camus and Descartes, then Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti. It was about that time that he began changing his wardrobe.

11 Willy Suit

One thought on “Dapper Dude

  1. Bill, I had the the same suit with the dropped belt loops and the pegged pants. I had the Mr. B shirt with the rolled collar and the skinny tie. I was missing the Alligator shoes but i did have my square toes. Ah the purity of youth. Bill Adams

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