Chalk Creek Racing

On a crisp September day we dropped the top on the Sky and carreened south, through winding mountain passes and endless pastoral valleys. Heading for Mt. Princeton. And the Chalk Creek Mountain Bike Races.

A top-of-the-line mountain bike can go for $2500+. Which gives me pause when I remember that my first LaSalle cost me 50 bucks. Nevertheless, the technology on these machines is a wonder. Motocross design without the moto. Adjustable shocks, beefy derailers, lightweight alloy frames (even bamboo frames). And every season brings new refinments.

The Chalk Creek race is a yearly event.¬†Grandson Zeke rides for the Boulder High team with schools from as far as Wyoming coming to compete. We were a little saddend to find out that it’s¬†not much of a spectator sport. After a crowded, dust-kicking start, the kids disappear into the forest and, after about half an hour, reappear only to plunge back into the trees. Three laps. Eighteen miles. A test of endurance and biking skills.


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