Bill Murr Johnson. Artist.

Bill was a close friend of mine. He died a few years back. Man, he could color water…

and make it dance on paper!

8 Bill Johnson 1

8 Bill Johnson 2

4 thoughts on “Bill Murr Johnson. Artist.

  1. I came across two paintings done by Bill Murr Johnson when they were donated to our no-profit resale shop but I can’t find any information on him other then this site. Is there anymore information on him?

    1. Hi T Jackson – I am Bill’s son and might be able to provide additional information about the paintings if you can post pictures of them (might be able to tell you the subject or maybe even the names of the paintings). Also, want to shout out a big thank you to Bill Bogusky for creating this page and remembering my Dad – hope you are doing well!

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