The computer has allowed me to fulfill a life-long dream. Designing my own fonts. A great program, Fontographer, made the design implementation a joy. But the mechanics of assembly, pair kerning, file formats and and more minutia, made the process tedious at times. Nevertheless, through it all. a labor of love.

At first I distributed my fonts as “shareware” on the internet. An honor system where users would download the fonts and send you a small amount of money, if they actually used the font. Many downloads later, I pulled in about $20. My retirement fund needed a better way.


Along came “MyFonts”. A nifty web-site that lists one’s fonts with full alphabet displays and color samples.  I began to sell. And I reasoned: more fonts, more sales. I now have over seventy fonts in my quiver. The income? It beats army pay.

Even sold a font to Nike. They used it on a poster campaign. It’s really a kick to see one of my fonts on TV or in a magazine ad.

The designs range from brilliant to barely usable. Samples of my some of my favorites are below. At first, 99% of the sales were from the U.S. But of late, there has been a dramatic change. Of the ten fonts I’ve sold thus far this month, eight are from outside the U.S. Two went to New Zealand. Another to Scotland. And Kuwait. Romania. Hong Kong. Chile.

I love it. In my brief planet visit, I have gone from the lower east side of New York to Global.

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