A Special Night at The Biltmore

A big night for The Art Directors Club of Miami. The Awards Dinner and Presentations at the posh Alhambra Room of The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. A long way from the Lecher Lounge at The Playboy Club. It was the Seventies and Miami was coming of age. The quality and scope of the submissions were impressive. Attendees from every segment of the advertising and graphics industries gathered in all their finery to laud the winners. Dozens of tables filled the magnificent hall. 
4 Biltmore
It was during the serving of the prime rib when it happened. Blackness. The sparkling hall was plunged into complete blackness. A massive chain reaction of burnt-out fuses. Aside from the initial gasps, the room became silent.
Then, from out of the dark came a woeful cry…

4 Blind Black

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