Just another day at the studio

A logo here. A newspaper layout there. Do some billing. Revise some mechanicals. New chemicals for the stat machine. The phone rings. “Alex on line one”.

“Dad, you’ve got to come over. We just set up the new computer and it’s awesome”. A mild whoopie entered my mind. I’m in North Miami and he’s at Crispin Porter in the Grove. It’s sure to be hours lost watching a computer bumble it’s way into graphic production.

I showed up mid-afternoon. Alex and Dave Swartz were huddled over an array of beige electronics. “What do you want to make?”, Alex asked. “Can it make an ad?”, I replied. Same question I’ve been asking computers for two years, since my brother started bugging me to get a system.

What size? Seven by ten. A box appeared on the screen.

Can it do type? Gimme a headline. My dog has fleas. He typed.

What face? Franklin Gothic. How big? Thirty-six point.

My heart skipped a beat as I stared at the screen. There it was. My dog has fleas. In thirty-six point Franklin Gothic.

Can you move it? The arrow grabbed the headline and began tossing it about the screen. Photo. Photo. Can it do a photo?.

I reached into my wallet and pulled out a small shot of my golden retriever, Pumpkin. Alex popped it into a xerox look-alike machine. Dave made Beam me up Scottie noises. It appeared on the screen. Bigger. How big? And now, the make it or break it question. Can you drop it out of the photo?

A mad dash back to the studio. I’m stoked! My head is filled with new words. PageMaker, Illustrator, PhotoShop, scanner, tiff, vector. I ordered $12,000 worth of Macintosh equipment in 12 minutes. The rest is history. The Mac postponed my retirement fifteen years. And now, on my blog, I’m having great fun sharing some of that history.


My first mac. A IIci. With floppy discs.

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