50th Anniversary

November 14th, 2009

The celebration was at Dave’s house in Longmont. Driving through that blizzard is something I’ll never forget. The wind straight at us swirled the dense snow into a vortex that obliterated all but the tracks of the car before. If he drove into a ditch, I would follow him. Then, magically, a few miles from Dave’s the snow eased.

Alex and Ana were there. With Zeke and Nadia. As was Daryll. I’ve known Dave and Daryll since they were twelve years old. And now they both work with Alex out here in Gunbarrel. Chuck and Margit flew in from Miami.

The house was tastefully bedecked with golden 50 decorations.┬áLucianna, Dave’s wife and a noted Italian gourmet cook, had prepared a magnificent meal. No details. Trust me. It was good.

The wine flowed. The stories told. Had some lemony Italian drink that exited somewhere in the back of my neck. Toasts were cast. Gifts bestowed. A few of the ladies shed a tear. As did I. The whole scene could have been easily transported into a bistro in Tuscany.

Man, was I and am I blessed. Dixie is my buddy and we share something that few have attained. It transcends love. If one could define it, there might be more of it. On the way home to Louisville we reentered the swirling blizzard. I careened into it at 25 per. Dixie commented on how quickly the years had passed. Ah yes, I replied, and there’s more to come.

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